Charm Korean BBQ
Thin sliced beef brisket


Charm Korean BBQ
Seasoned prime rib
양념 갈비


Charm Korean BBQ
Prime rib

Cold noodles

Mul-naengmyeon Chilled buckwheat noodle soup with sliced brisket

Dolsot Bibimbob

Rice mixed with vegetables and beef with egg served in sizzling stoneware
돌솥 비빔밥

Soondae Gukbap

Korean sausage and rice soup 순대국밥

Chef’s Special

* Order of hot-pot serves 2 people

14.99 Spicy Squid 오징어 볶음 Squid stir-fried in spicy sauce
17.99 Golbaengi-muchim 골뱅이 무침 Spicy whelks w/ noodles
17.99 Tofu Kimchi 두부 김치 Stir fried kimchi / pork & steamed tofu
24.99 Jokbal 족발 Pig feet cooked in spicy soy marinade
29.99 Buljokbal 불족발 Pig feet cooked w/spicy marinated sauce
29.99 Gul-Bossam 굴보쌈 Marinated boiled pork served with Napa lettuce, oyster & kimchii
29.99 Galbi-jjim 갈비찜 Steamed beef short rib with vegetable stew
29.99 Seafood Jjim 해물찜 Spicy steamed seafood served over bean sprouts
29.99 Combo Suyuk 모금 수육 Boiled tendon, brisket & intestine
34.99 Pork Bone & Seafood Jjim 뼈다귀 해물찜 Spicy steamed pork bone & seafood served over bean sprouts

Hot Pots

24.99 Budae Jjigae 부대찌개 Kimchi, ham & sausage combination stew
24.99 Haemul Jeongol 해물전골 Combination seafood hot pot stew
24.99 Gopchang Jeongol 곱창전골 Beef tripe & vegetable hot pot stew
24.99 Shabu Shabu 샤브샤브 Thin sliced beef & vegetable broth boil

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