Charm Korean BBQ
Thin sliced beef brisket


Charm Korean BBQ
Seasoned prime rib
양념 갈비


Charm Korean BBQ
Prime rib

Cold noodles

Mul-naengmyeon Chilled buckwheat noodle soup with sliced brisket

Dolsot Bibimbob

Rice mixed with vegetables and beef with egg served in sizzling stoneware
돌솥 비빔밥

Soondae Gukbap

Korean sausage and rice soup 순대국밥

Korean BBQ / All you can eat

Korean BBQ

* Each order of BBQ serves one person (10 oz)
15.99 Marinated Chicken 닭 불고기
15.99 Sliced Pork Belly 삼겹살
15.99 Pork Shoulder 목살
15.99 Spicy Pork Belly 매운 삼겹살
15.99 Pork Bulgogi 돼지 불고기
17.99 Beef Belly 우삼겹
17.99 Beef Brisket 차돌박이
17.99 Garlic & Peppered Beef 주물럭
17.99 Beef Bulgogi 불고기
17.99 Spicy Baby Octopus 쭈꾸미
21.99 Pork Jowl Meat 항정살
21.99 Beef Short-Rib / LA 갈비
21.99 Sliced Beef Tongue 혀구이
24.99 Sliced Pork Belly & Kimchi 김치 삼겹살
27.99 Frenched Lamb 양구이
27.99 Rib Eye 꽃등심
27.99 Rib Finger 갈비살
29.99 Prime Rib 생갈비
29.99 Seasoned Prime Rib 양념갈비

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or dairy products may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


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